Transformational Coaching for Outstanding Women


Anne is a Holistic Success & Leadership Coach for Women Social Entrepreneurs.
She helps heart-centred women get in touch with their true self and innate power so that they can become the most outstanding version of themselves.

Anne had many challenges in her life - starting from a very young age - and felt confused and disempowered for many years. However, she always believed that there was a way - for her and others - to create inner peace and develop her true potential. Today she is helping others find what she discovered for herself over a journey of 30 years - that the truth and power of our existence are right at our fingertips.

In her coaching, she facilitates deep and lasting transformation for her clients in the same way that she has experienced it for herself.
As a result, many amazing women are now able to fully step into their true power and contribute to the benefit of this world in a much greater way, while living a life of inner peace, self-love and fulfillment.

The feedback Anne mostly gets from her clients is that with her help they have been able to “connect with a higher truth within themselves” which has allowed them to “heal and grow in a much more profound way and face challenges that seemed completely out of reach before”.

Working with heart-centred women leaders in the social entrepreneur space is Anne’s greatest passion because she knows that by supporting these growth- and impact-focused powerhouses, the world WILL change for the better!

Her big dream is now to support and help drive the creation of donation-based/pay-what-you-can coaching opportunities in all languages and countries so that people everywhere can get the support they need to become all of who they can be.

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