You can heal yourself from childhood scars - and create everything you want!

You are unbelievably powerful, resourceful, creative, confident and able.
You actually already are ALL you want to be.  It’s all already there, right inside of you, your core. You just don’t know it, you don’t believe it, or you simply don’t know how to access it.

Let me help you... see, access and use the power you already possess to almost instantly heal your emotional scars and let go of everything that is weighing you down and holding you back from pursuing your amazing, beautiful dreams and reaching your unique, fabulous goals. 

How can I help you?

I have a proven technique that I call the ‘Heal Your Self Method’ with which I have helped countless clients get in touch with their True Self, their inner world - and heal and free themselves from all possible kinds of blocks.

I also seem to have the gift - at least that’s what my clients tell me - of somehow being able to say just the right things at the right time.

And I'm really good at asking questions. The right kind of questions. Those that make you think and realize the truth that is already there - for yourself.

I help you re-connect with yourself!


Who am I?

I'm Anne Birgitta (Abida) Jenett. I’m German. And I’m a Muslim. However, I was raised atheist.

A bunch of things happened when I was young - as young as a a few months old even - that weren’t that great. Those things left scars behind that defined me for quite as long as I can remember. Then there were incidents of me doing some rather crazy things and getting in trouble, but I know, all I ever truly wanted was to find that inner peace - and be the best person I could possibly be.

At the age of about seven, I was on my way home from school one day, together with some other kids. One of them was a rather tough guy who had a tendency to bully me and others. That day, for some reason, it turned out that - rather than being bullied myself - I had the chance to bully a weaker, more disadvantaged girl amongst us, who was new to my class, and I took it. I succeeded at impressing the tough kid, at least for that moment, which gave me some weird sense of power and satisfaction. Another part inside of me was screaming in horror and pain.

When my parents heard about it, my father realized that something had to happen, and he knew what he had to do. He started going to therapy.

Since that time I have been blessed by being passed on all the things my parents, especially my father, learned about their own childhood scars, how they affected them, how they affected me and how they healed them. So from early on I knew that what I wanted to do with my life was study psychology and become a counsellor or therapist to help others heal.

I did study psychology and counselling, but I also did my own independent search for the truth, for healing and for the meaning of life.

I became first a Christian, then a Muslim. I got married, worked on making an intercultural marriage work (still working on it ;) ) gave birth to my first child, read lots of books about personal development and natural health, emigrated, and gave birth to three more children, all at home - the last one with the blessed understanding of of self-hypnosis. In between I studied Montessori education and tried to be a kindergarten teacher.

My self-studies in personal development, personal growth and transformation as well as in integrative health never stopped and I finally got to the point that I knew I had to share with the world what had been given to me.

What I do now in my coaching is a culmination of all of that and more. 


"Anne is a coach/mentor and dedicated supporter like NO ONE ELSE! After just ONE coaching session with her, I have found my new path, developed a solid new offer and am attracting interest and clients! I have never found such confidence and results anywhere else ... no book, person or organization." -- Bobby A.

"Shoutout to the amazing amazing amazing Anne, who is my seriously good soul coach.  She seems to be able to tell you just the right things at the right time.  I had no idea what was going to happen when I had my first session with her, but WOW!! What an amazing intuitive lady who is so wise and real. Love what we do together." -- Judi C.

"The fact that Anne helped me reach deep within myself to bring out and actually give voice to truths I already knew but had neglected to act upon was so great." -- Azra M.